562438_463688830311987_90768156_nWelcome to our site! We really hope you enjoy your visit.  If you would like to know more about our Church please get in touch.

Hope Baptist is a growing Church in the Peverell area of Plymouth, made up of people of all ages (from Babies to those in their 90’s!). Whatever your background or experience, a warm welcome awaits you.

We invite you to come along and try our Sunday morning service where you’ll find a relaxed, informal atmosphere where there is something for everyone.  You may also want to try one of the many activities in our weekly programme, or one of the special events in our new Summer Term Programme 2017.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Hope Question Time

A panel tackled a number of difficult questions posed by members of the congregation at our alternative morning worship on 2nd April. Questions considered included
Why has Jesus delayed so long before returning and how soon do you think Jesus will return and put the world to rights?
Why did God create the world when he knew all the misery and suffering that would ensue?
Jesus wept, why?
Is the devil real?  and
“I see an earthquake,” where is God? 

You can hear a recording of the question time responses here.


On 30th April we had the joy of baptising two of our congregation – Kate Sylvester and Steve Rapsey. You can see a video of the event including Steve’s testimony below.