Budget & Finances

We are an adventurous church and seek to do a lot of things in evangelism in our local community and the city. We also seek to take forward the mission of the church in various parts of the world.

All of this costs money, and we are reliant upon those who regularly attend the church to give regularly and sacrificially towards our vision and various strategies in pursuit of our church’s aims.

Although we are sometimes blessed and encouraged by grants from the Local Authority and other bodies, the vast majority of the money we spend each year comes from our members. We are most grateful for those who stand with us n giving to the ongoing work and who respond to special requests. Anyone wishing to support the ministries and mission of Hope Baptist Church can do this through using an offering envelope, regular bank Standing Order (our preferred method (THANK YOU) or by simply paying money into our bank account …….

We are a registered charity and so benefit enormously from Gift Aided gifts. If you are a tax payer and give in this way we receive an extra 25% back from the Inland Revenue.

In other words every £100 given actually becomes worth £125 to us!

More details on any of these matters to do with our budget or giving can be obtained from our Treasurer, Tony Jopson, or a member of the Finance Team.