The aim of our discipleship at Hope is that we all become more like Christ.

This journey begins when people first walk in the door.

We take seriously the Great Commission found in Matthew 28 vs 19-20, and see making disciples of Jesus as the primary aim of the church. We seek to do this in a number of ways, including through the preaching & teaching on Sundays, fortnightly studies within our home based Fellowship Groups, prayer triplets and other frequent formal and informal means.

We also emphasise to our members that it’s not all about what we do for them, but they must take responsibility for their own spiritual growth too! We encourage people to take personal study of the Bible seriously, and to set aside regular time for personal prayer. We often recommend Christian books which will help people to grow in knowledge and understanding of various areas, in the lifelong pursuit of following Jesus and maturing in Him.

Quiet Time Challenges