We are a missional church, believing that mission begins with God.

It is within the heart, plan and purposes of God that His people, the Church of Christ should reach out into the world with loving actions and the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that many we reach will come to know God, and the experience of His Spirit coming upon them.

We are just a part of what God is doing in the world in revealing himself to men, women, boys and girls, that they might come to know His love, seek to worship and serve Him, and experience His wonderful work in their lives.

We seek the outworking of our call to mission in various ways… through the lives of individual Christians, through the groups which operate within Hope, the way in which various people serve through agencies such as Soup Run and Street Pastors, and then through “whole church” ministrysuch as our Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Centre, and other special events and opportunities we take throughout the year to help people engage with the gospel and connect with the church.

During each week we have very regular contact through coffee mornings, mums & babies, 3 parents and toddlers groups, 3 youth and children’s clubs with well over 200 others  (adults and young people) who are not-yet Christians. We take every opportunity we can to be, and share, the Good News with those around us.

For our community groups we make quite good use of events like Christmas and Easter with the contacts that we have and the many invitations do result in some attendance on Sundays. Women’s Rendezvous and women’s groups do attract people who are not yet Christians.

During the course of the year we have a range of events which are particularly geared towards drawing in those who are on, and beyond, the fringe of church life. Traditional events in the Christian calendar such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas are times when we particularly seek to reach out to those outside and provide events which are accessible to those who are not-yet Christians.

We run an open Community Cafe every Thursday morning, and a lunch club and an afternoon event “Open House” each month. All of these generally attract those in the older age bracket.

Our Strategy Plan for identifies 3 different levels for Outreach:

  1. The witness of the individual Christian
  2. The outreach focus of established and new groups run by the church
  3. Whole church events and activities from which people drawn into earshot of the gospel