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Just Life Tips – February 2012

The persecuted church Open Doors is an organisation which campaigns for the persecuted church all over the world. It can seem that the problem is too big for us to change anything but many campaigns have a long-term focus and Open Doors takes a correspondingly long-term view on achieving ultimate goals. A classic example…

Just Life Tip – January 2012

New year’s Resolution. ‘The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference” Elie Wiesel (writer and Holocaust survivor). Why not promise yourself that in 2012 you will not be ‘indifferent’ somehow… maybe vow to watch the news every day, sign up to a website which campaigns for various issues, only buy Fairtrade coffee /…

Just Life Tip – December 2011

Did you know the average household could save 8% of their electric bill each year just by unplugging the items that aren’t being used – phone chargers and TV sets being the most common items to be left plugged in. It is possible to buy meters which measure how much electric an appliance is using……

Just Life Tip – November 2011

Turn your thermostat down by one degree; it will save you money and reduce your carbon emissions in one fell swoop. So go on, just ease it down by one degree. You’d be amazed at how little difference it makes to your comfort and how much difference it makes to your pocket and the planet.

Just Life Tip – June 2011

Battery Recycling  Did you know that you can now recycle your used batteries? Just drop them into any supermarket or store that displays the ‘Be Positive’ sign. Alternatively you can drop them into the box in the Church Office.

Just Life Tip – February 2011

Attention Coffee drinkers! Naturally I advocate using Fairtrade coffee at all times BUT…. the next best thing to Fairtrade is to think environmentally and hopefully you will have seen that Kenco are doing refill packs of coffee? I don’t feel too guilty using Kenco as they do get their coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms which…