Just Life Tip – June 2013

Fairtrade status      

Were you aware that Hope is a FairTrade church? We have had this Fairtrade status since 19**, but we have just renewed it – please see our beautiful new certificate at the refreshment bar at the back of the church.

But what does this mean? Well we have promised that we will only serve Fairtrade tea and coffee in the building and also as far as possible use only Fairtrade products when available. How does this work out? Well that largely depends on you… for example Hypowered have for several years used FT chocolate bars in the tuck and FT grapes when available… we have been promoting the sale of the Real Easter egg which is FT, but this is all optional…

For some things it is negotiable e.g. is it better to use FT sugar or sugar produced in this country therefore using less food miles? FT chocolate however is a really important issue – did you know that The Ivory Coast is the top supplier of the world’s cocoa, and the centre of chocolate slavery.

Slave traders are trafficking boys, between the ages 9-16, from their homes mostly in Mali, but including Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo. Some countries are transport points, while other receive and supply the children.

The main destination is the cocoa farms in Ivory Coast where the boys are lured by promise of a salary for their hard work. Once they arrive, they are forced to work from 6am to 6pm or later without pay.

They must carry backbreaking sacks of cocoa, are often starved, beaten and locked up at night without toilet facilities.

If you buy chocolate that is not FT then the chances are it was slave made! The choice is yours….

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