Just Life Tip – November 2013

Christmas is Coming!

We would love to see Christmas becoming more meaningful, and one way is to make it more ethical… so that the way we give doesn’t impact on others in the world, in a negative way. Indeed let’s try to make a positive effect on the world and its inhabitants.

Firstly we would like to offer you the opportunity to order gift items from the Amnesty International Gift Catalogue which contains many recycled and fairly traded items – please speak to Richard Simpson or Nicky Hatherell to see one of these catalogues and to discuss the possibility of putting in a joint order to save on p&p.

Secondly – our second Just Christmas is coming up very soon – please see the separate flyers at the back of the church to give out to friends and family. On Saturday 30 November between 10am and 4pm we will have the church and the hall filled with stalls where you can do all of your Christmas shopping under one roof (well 2 roofs technically !) and you can do it all with a clear conscience as everything is either locally made, fairly traded or raising funds for charity. Naturally there will also be FairTrade and locally produced refreshments available too.

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