Just Life Tip – September 2013

Who likes Toblerone?

Answer: most of us! But sadly it’s not yet FairTrade! Unfortunately despite their statement in November 2012 to invest $400m into ‘sustainable cocoa’ there is still no date when the largest chocolate company in the world Mondelèz will make this happen. Stop The Traffik have designed postcards which we can all sign and return to them – they plan to deliver them all at the same time to Mondelèz’s office on 18th October, UK Anti-Slavery Day. There will be postcards at the back of the church, or ask us for one and then pass it back to us – no need to worry about a stamp! We’ll send them back altogether at the end of September so they’ll have them in plenty of time before Anti-Slavery day. For more information please speak to Nicky and Paul Hatherell.

For anyone who has a Kindle…. 365 day devotional on poverty and injustice. This is currently free to download. It is separated into months starting in January but each day is Day 1, Day 2 etc right through to Day 365 so it can be started at any time. Click on the link below for more information.


On Sunday 22nd September it is Compassion Sunday – come along to find out more!

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