Young At Heart Peverell


YAHP warmly welcomes ladies of any age.  The name represents those who are young, to those who still feel young (although their bodies try to tell them differently!) Some who join us are in their twenties others in their Sixties. We have mothers, daughters and sisters who enjoy spending quality time together.  There is a good mix of ladies, some who do not attend Hope on a Sunday morning, as well as those who do.

We are now in our fourth year and have settled happily into meeting on Wednesday evenings, at the beginning of each month in the Youth Centre.  When at home at Hope, we start at 7:30pm with a cuppa, cake and a chat before moving onto the main event.  We only ask for £1.00 towards the cost of the refreshments.  Sometimes the evening is sedate and restful like our pamper evenings, when Jade comes to look after us.  These are very popular and is now an annual event, normally taking place in February (when we need a little extra TLC on a cold winter’s evening!).

We have also had more energetic evenings, when a personnel trainer visited to advise us how to keep our bodies lovely and trim – just how we like them!  We ll joined in with great gusto, much to our regret the next day!  Some evenings are spent out and about.  For example a walk from Yelverton to Clearbrook.  It really worked up an appetite and thirst, so we enjoyed the hospitality and took the Skylark over!   There is also our famous Christmas Dinner, when we are served a delicious two course meal and coffee, served by our gorgeous waiters (dressed to impress!)  It really starts the season off with a bang (oh yes with crackers as well!).  Its not to be missed…

If you want to know more details seek out one of our flyers or phone Janet on 01752 511392.