Youth & Children’s

Nigel Pain

Nigel and his family are regular attenders at Hope.

He is one of two safeguarding officers for the church. Nigel has worked in the Criminal Justice field for 35 years and currently works as a Community Chaplain supporting young men as they come to the end of their sentence in Prison and then through the prison gates as they return to their community. He also volunteers with Spiritulized (YFC) working with young people in the South Hams as well as being one of their safeguarding officers and a member of their Council of Reference.

Nigel is married to Niki and they have 2 children, both at University. Niki is the Church secretary.

Nigel and Niki came to Hope after moving from Kingsbridge Family Church. If you hear someone singing slightly out of tune but with gusto it might well be Nigel, or he may, on occasion, serve you tea or coffee after the service.